Cute Booty Affiliate Program Welcome & Program Details

Hi Beauty

Welcome to the team! We are excited to have you on our team and we look forward to the awesome content you will be creating in your new Cute Booty apparel.

The basics of this program are simple. On the 15th of every month you will get to pick out 2 leggings from a specific collection we've put together. In exchange we ask for 2 Instagram Reels or TikToks + 1 Story post. You will also recieve 8% in Comission on every sale using your discount code/link. If DO NOT post your content by the 15th of the following month you will not be elible to order new leggings until the next period



By the 15th of every month, If you've completed your content requirements, we will send out a new email from "dovetail" for you to pick out two new leggings. The leggings listed on this link are leggings we would like your help to promote. So you may not see new or high selling products on this list but we will make them available when we can. 

If there's a product not listed in your ambassador collection that you really want just reach out to me directly via email We have a collection of content ideas, if you could help us recreate some of those ideas, we can gladly send you extra products... as long as we have enough in stock =)

You are also welcome to use your personal discount code to purchase any additional products you would like from the site....and yes you do make a commission on those orders too =)

FOR RETURNS/EXCHANGES - Please email me and put AFFILIATE RETURN/EXCHANGE as the subject and please include your order number and name of the product(s) you'd like to exchange.


Please use your DOVETALE LOGIN LINK (<--Click here to access account) in order to view your active Discount code & discount link.

You can start displaying your discount code and link right away and remember to encourage your followers that using your code or link will get them 10% off their entire order. 

*WE HIGHLY SUGGEST ADDING YOUR DISCOUNT LINK IN YOUR BIO/LINKTREE and STORY LINKS. Our top performing ambassadors get more sales from their discount link because the link automatically applies your code before someone finishes their purchase*

The commssion you will get back from all sales using your code and discount link starts at 8% . Below is a list of milestones you can reach within a 90-day period in order to increase that percentage.

  • Over $500 in total sales within 90 Days = 9% of sales starting the next period.
  • Over $1000 in total sales within 90 days = 10% of sales starting the next period + Additional Bonuses
  • Over $2000 in total sales within 90 days = 12% of sales starting the next period + Additional bonuses

PAYOUTS will be made on or before the 15th of each month.


Every 30 Day period you Must submit 2 Vertical videos and tag @Cutebootylounge in a story post. You can submit them by tagging @Cutebootylounge in the post AND caption or by sending the video via a Direct Message on either Instagram or TikTok. 


  1. Must have good lighting
  2. If shooting on your phone please wipe the camera lens before filming (makes a huge difference)
  3. Must show the front and back of the product (some exceptions apply)
  4. Must have little to no text in the video (some exceptions apply)
  5. Must not promote other products in the same video.
  6. NOT overly sexualized. 


  1. (IMPORTANT) We don't have a minimum requirement that you MUST make to stay in the ambassador program BUT after 60 days if your code has not generated any sales we will send you a notice and also do some research on your account to give you some creative ideas to help generate your first sale. If after 90 days you have NOT generated any sales you will be removed from the program but you are welcome to reapply after 90 days. 
  2. You must create 2 Reels and/or TikToks. If you joined in the middle of the month we will give you some extra time to complete those tasks. The EASIEST way to make sure your content is tracked properly is to tag @CuteBootyLounge in the post AND in the caption! This will make it easy for us to find the content you've created. 
  3. Please make sure the content you create is not overly sexualized or derogatory in any way. SPECIFICALLY with Twerking/Dance videos please make sure the camera shows your pretty face and the full outfit you are wearing. We CANNOT repost videos that are close-ups of your 🍑 booty twerking in Cute Booty. I've attached a good example so it's clear. 


If you need anything at all or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out by email or via the Cute Booty DMs. I will try my hardest to get back to you ASAP. 


Amanda Zimmerman
Social Media & Affiliate Marketing Manager