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Ambassador Monthly Goodies



This is Our Fabulous New Way For You To Get Your Monthly Promo Items!  YAY!  This Is How It Works...
1. We add Different Prints and Styles To This List Monthly!   |   2. You get too choose 3 items at the beginning of each month   |   3. We Will Email You A Code For Check Out That's ONLY FOR YOU!   |   4. Use the Ambassador Shipping option for *FREE SHIPPING*   |   5. You Are Responsible For Your Own Monthly Order And Posts!   |   6. All orders should be in by the 15th of each month.   |   7. We Will Be checking for posts, tagging, & engagement!     ***THOSE WHO GIVE THEIR CODE OUT TO OTHERS OR TRY TO USE IT TWICE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED.***


Must Tag @CuteBootyLounge + #CuteBootyLounge + CuteBootyMafia ( You may also add our website. Cutebooty.com)  |  Must Include Your Discount Code!  |  Every Item We Send Must Be posted!!!!! 
    Remember! WE ARE A TEAM! THERE IS SO MUCH MONEY TO BE MADE WITH YOUR DISCOUNT CODE / TRACKING LINK! We are ALWAYS looking for ways to spoil our Beauties. We appreciate everything you do for us & we want you to be rewarded! If you need anything further, please email amanda@cutebooty.com. For collaborations on a larger scale, please email anthony@cutebooty.com. Our direct line for Social Media (calls & texts) is (818) 201-4866
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